52 Weeks of Reading the Collections: Visual Index and Reflections

52 weeks of Reading the Collections has come to an end – thanks to everyone who contributed, read, and shared our posts over the past year! We’re ending the series with our traditional visual index:



Week 1 Peter Pan

Week 1 Peter Pan

Week 2

Week 2 Kidnapped

Week 3

Week 3 Otranto

Week 4

Week 4 Sassoon

Week 5

Week 5 Floral

Week 6

Week 6 Lit & Phil

Week 7 Book of Bosh

Week 7 Book of Bosh

Week 8

Week 8 39 Steps

Week 9

Week 9 Portraits

Week 10

Week 10 Harriott

Week 11

Week 11 Wonderland

Week 12

Week 12 Sunset Strip

Week 13

Week 13 Iceland

Week 14

Week 14 Herbert

Week 15

Week 15 Bishop

Week 16

Week 16 Kew Gardens

Week 17

Week 17 Austen

Week 18

Week 18 Student Life

Week 19

Week 19 Moonstone

Week 20

Week 20 Ruskin

Week 21

Week 21 Holy

Week 22

Week 22 Devine

Week 23

Week 23 Bride’s Book

Week 24

Week 24 Blake

Week 25

Week 25 Kammavaca

Week 26

Week 26 Microbial

Week 27

Week 27 Bedellus

Week 28

Week 28 Gradual

Week 29

Week 29 Bronte

Week 30

Week 30 Jacobite

Week 31

Week 31 Levy

Week 32

Week 32 Struwwelpeter

Week 33

Week 33 Greek

Week 34

Week 34 Kellie Law

Week 35

Week 35 Dunn

Week 36

Week 36 Govan

Week 37 Gillespie

Week 37 Gillespie

Week 38

Week 38 Tom Morris

Week 39

Week 39 Rejlander

Week 40

Week 40 Oral History

Week 41

Week 41 Nutcracker

Week 42

Week 42 Dickens

Week 43

Week 43 Bannock

Week 44

Week 44 Mackenzie

Week 45

Week 45 Aladin

Week 46

Week 46 Euclid

Week 47

Week 47 Raffles

Week 48

Week 48 Kai & Sunny

Week 49

Week 49 Light Box

Week 50

Week 50 Socinian

Week 51

Week 51 Willa Muir

Week 52

Week 52 3D Seal















































































Thanks as always to Sarah and Julie in the Reading Room team for getting the posts up every week.

After taking a small break, we’ll be moving away from our ’52 weeks of…’ format to shorter series of posts around particular themes.

We’re also intending to have more posts on news and events, new accessions and cataloguing discoveries mixed in with the in-depth posts about items from the collections.

We’d be interested to know which themes and topics have interested you the most over the past four years – let us know in the comments below and we can revisit these in more detail. Please do take a look at our previous visual indexes for some inspiration:

Historical How To’s, Inspiring Illustrations and Fantastic Bindings.

We look forward to hearing from you!



4 responses to “52 Weeks of Reading the Collections: Visual Index and Reflections

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  2. I greatly enjoy Reading the Collections. Fascinating stuff. I look forward to future items.

    Kind Regards

    Duncan McAra

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