Lawrence Levy Golf Photography Project comes to an end

Lawrence on the Bridge: 2008-1-6963

This week sees the culmination of a five-year project undertaken by the Special Collections Division of the University of St Andrews Library with the rounding up of the Lawrence Levy Golf Photography Collection Project.

Lawrence Levy was a renowned professional golf photographer active from 1979 until his untimely illness in 1993 and subsequent death in 1995. Close to a quarter of a million photographic transparencies, negatives and prints were deposited with Special Collections and funding awarded by the Joseph Levy Foundation for their digitisation and selective cataloguing.

Since inception five years ago 188,216 objects have been digitised with 44,709 of them catalogued and made accessible to the public via the Photographic Collection website.

The final weeks of the project have been used to streamline the website and make content more accessible with intuitive narratives and sections. Fourteen master categories make the immense collection more manageable and they, in turn, are broken down into a further 172 sub-categories. Thus a master category of ‘The Ryder Cup’, for example, is broken down yet further into the seven Ryder Cups that Lawrence covered: 1981 – 1993.

In addition to the specified categories determined by project cataloguer Trevor Ledger, the online search facility has been refined to allow for broad or exact keywords to be utilised for specific research or general browsing.

The project was initialised in 2012 by then Photographic Archivist, Marc Boulay and Levy Curator Dr Tony Parker who handed over their responsibilities to Rachel Nordstrom and Trevor Ledger respectively during the lifetime of the project. In that time Special Collections has mounted five exhibitions involving the Lawrence Levy Collection with radio and TV appearances from Nordstrom and Ledger further promoting this incredibly wide-ranging project.

To explore the fascinating career of Lawrence Levy further, the website is available here. For information on the latest – and future – projects being undertaken by the Photographic Collections of the Special Collections Division of the University Library, feel free to drop us a line:

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