160th Anniversary of the University of St Andrews Rugby Club

The 160th Anniversary Celebrations of the University of St Andrews Rugby club takes place this weekend (1-3 June 2018). Alumni and friends of Saints Rugby have been invited back to St Andrews to celebrate this significant anniversary. The weekend will include Varsity matches and a Gala Dinner, hosted in partnership with the Bill McLaren Foundation, featuring former All Black Captain Sean Fitzpatrick and former Scotland Captain Rory Lawson.

The records of the University of St Andrews Rugby club are held by the Special Collections Division of the University Library (UYUY911/Rugby). In this collection we have the minutes of the club from 1898 to 1982. We also have a number of photographs of the rugby teams over the years. An example of the minutes can be found below:

First page from the minutes of the University Rugby club, listing the office bearers and fixtures for the session 1898-99 (UYUY/911 Rugby Club Minutes)

In honour of this celebratory weekend here are a few of the photographs from our collections.

The following images are from the George Middlemass Cowie photographic collection, taken in the 1930s. You can search our photographic collections here.

Below are images taken of St Andrews students playing rugby for the publication University Students produced by the British Council in 1945 as part of the series The British People – How they live and work (Call mark for photographs: UYM/500).

We extend a warm welcome to all those alumni returning to St Andrews this weekend to celebrate this milestone in the history of University of St Andrews sports.

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