Here’s our post on Robert Burns in Special Collections from one year ago. We couldn’t add much more to it this year, so we thought you might at least like to see it again! My favourite part of this post is the account of a dinner with Burns by James Macdonald of Anstruther, so much so that I read it out loud at a Burns supper last year! Enjoy! -DG

Echoes from the Vault

People in Scotland, and all around the world, will be cutting into a haggis today or lifting a wee dram to the memory of Robert Burns. St Andrews does not have a huge amount of holdings in relation to Burns, but we have selected something from the beginning of his life, something from his publishing career, and a rare item from the last month before Burns died. If you are interested in the life of Burns, or you’d just like to know more about why this day has been set aside for this poet, you might like some of these items found in our collections. Enjoy!

 “… T’was then a blast o’ Januar Win’

Blew hansel in on Robin …”

(from the song ‘There was a lad’ by Robert Burns)

Now a forming part of a complex heritage site that includes a new museum and the Auld Kirk of ‘

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